28 May – Informatics Forum

For this event we welcomed two speakers whose exciting presentations  launched our discussions:
–  Grant Miller (Zooniverse): ‘The Zooniverse – Real Science Online’
‘The Zooniverse is the world’s largest and most successful citizen science platform. I will discuss what we have learned from building over 40 projects, and where the platform is heading in the future.’
Grant Miller is a recovering astrophysicist who gained his PhD from the University of St Andrews, searching for planets orbiting distant stars.
He is now the communications lead for the Zooniverse on-line citizen science platform.
The slides for the talk are available here: CSCS Talk_Zooniverse
– Mark Hartswood (Oxford University & CSCS Data and Evidence network founder): ‘Intervening in Citizen Science: From incentives to value co-creation’
‘This talk reflects upon a collaboration between SmartSociety, an EU project exploring how to architect effective collectives of people and machines, and the Zooniverse,  a leading on-line citizen science platform.
Our collaboration tackled the question of how to increase engagement of Zooniverse volunteers. In the talk I will chart how our thinking has progressed from framing volunteering in terms of motivation and incentives, and how it moved towards a much richer conceptualisation of multiple participating groups engaging in complicated relationships of value co-creation.’
Mark Hartswood is a Social Informatician whose main employer is Oxford University and currently working in the area of Responsible Research and Innovation.
Nicola Osborne, a network member, produced a comprehensive Live Blog post on the seminar.