A brief interview with David Kilbey from Natural Apptitude, a company that works with researchers and organisations to engage the public with data collection, through the design of apps and websites, and the support of crowdsourcing projects in the field of biodiversity. Dave visited Edinburgh to speak at the seminar on Citizen Science and the Mass Media.
Dave runs the Nature Locator project, which brings technology driven projects and citizen scientists together. Dave is an ecologist by training (BSc. Ecology and Conservation) with a particular interest in invasive, non-native species (INNS).
In this video he discusses the challenges of setting up a Citizen Science project, including the importance of design of the software in enabling collection of high quality data, of telling a story around the project, and providing useful tool back to the participants. He warns of the problems caused by mass-media coverage.


Click here to see a video of Dave introducing the various tools produced by Natural Apptitude